I got one of these a few years ago and loved it. I can't remember exactly where
I got it, but I am sure I got it in Dublin, I pull it out evey few
years or so and have a good old re-discovery. As time passes, my understanding
of the puzzle increases and I can now solve it in a few minutes (sometimes).

It still is one of my favourates.

Skewb Diamond
This is a new puzzle I just got from ''
It is fairly easy to solve. I could solve it without problem when I first got it
but I can hardly do it now.

Skewb Ultimate
This is another one I got from ''
I think this is quite difficult. I have not been able to solve it
but I have not spent much time on it.

Bloody Hell! This is the most difficult puzzle ever (almost)!
I bought this in England about six years ago and before I could
analyse it, I gave it to someone (Lorraine) and it was scrambled beyond repair.
No matter how I tried, on and off, over time, I couldn't solve it.

In order to solve it, I eventually resolved to cheat. I found a
solution on the Internet. Even with the walkthrough, it took me about 3 hours
to solve it. I also had to NORMALISE the cube to get the colours
set-up correctly, so it could be solved.

Definately the hardest puzzle ever

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