Fairly simple set-up here. It was set up from a machine lying around and some disks that were unused. I added more disks as time passed and as it is required.

Dell Percision 510
512 Mb RAM
Dual Pentium II 510Mhz
Fedora Core 5
Disks: 400G x 2, 200G x 1, 120G x 1, 100G x 2, 80G x 3
Network Gigabit Ethernet

The machine is used mainly for storage from anywhere in the house. The Windows 'My Documents folder are all mapped to a central location, which is very handy is you are using multiple machines.
It also runs Apache, Php, MySQL, Nagios, Squid, Samba and the usual suspects. X11 is installed but it usually runs at runlevel 3.

The performance is usually fairly good for data access. There are 2 USB 400G disks attached (Long live USB). It can get in a bit of a heap writing large files to the external drives.
Disk management can be a bit of a head ache. Due to space constraints, there are many symlinks coing to all sorts of mad places. If one of the sym links gets deleted, the data can seem to dissapear. Ah well.

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