Collections, bloody collections

I have, like most people, many collections.

Definition: A collection is more then 1 thing of a similar type, e.g. stamps, coins, tools, spices, books and computers. Hmm, that seems to be the list of things that comprises my collections.

Ok, lets make a list of the things I have collected over the years.


Like many people, I first started to collect stamps before I was a teenager. At that stage, I collected everything that could be described as a stamp. I stuck the stamps in those crappy stamp albums that were made of stuff not much better then newspaper. Normally I used stamp hinges to fix the stamps, but when they ran out (often) I used the magic sacroligous sticky tape. Man, I destroyed many non valuable stamps with sticky tape.

I got a liking for the larger more sensational stamps from countries like Poland, Czechoslovacia, Hungary and San Marino to name but a few. Thiswent on for a few years until puberty. I then discovered girls and lost interest in stamps.






Commodore 64 x 2, CBM 1541 x 2 and ancilliary crap