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All 1m X 1m on Canvas

The Dawn at Brass - 3m X 1m

This is a three-panel piece with acrylic on canvas. It is an abstract fantasy landscape. It is the sort of dawn that could be imagined in many of the major fantasy novels. In this case the novel in mind is the Jewel in the Skull by Michael Moorcock. The colours are primary only, abstracting the reality to give a visual impression of a sunrise over the mountains that sweep down to the silver sea. The stylised sun with the blue rays is a main feature of the painting. The blue rays represent the power the sun has on our lives. Without it there would be no life.

It is Freedom - 1m X 0.6m on Canvas - 1.25m X 1m Framed

The old chestnut of Man's place in modern society and the alienation felt by faceless individuals is represented here. While this is a fairly common theme, I believe it is not only a modern phenomenon. I believe that man has felt it ever since the evolution of Homo Sapiens. It is a by-product of conscious thought and the search for the meaning of one's existence. This piece is acrylic on canvas. Colours used are: Silver, Gold, Copper, Black, Blue, Red Yellow and Black. The copper lines can represent a circuit board's tracks and the various blocks, including the yellow triangle, are components of some type. So, the components are electronic as well as components in our lives, houses, jobs, b anks etc. The electronic components help make the whole machine work just as our personal components help our machine work. On the horizontal lines, it is just possible to make out the words "Ist Frieheit", the German for "Is Freedom". This is a statement or note by the machine that it is freedom. Does the machine give us freedom? For some perhaps yes. Are the constraints imposed by the design and function of the circuit board offering freedom? Freedom from what? I think I hear my mobile phone ringing. The organic shape on the bottom right represents Man. It is on or in the components which are part of the straight connectors.

The Field - 1.2m x 1.2m on Canvas

The Field is a symbolic abstraction of an agrarian scenario. I got the inspiration from a holiday near Killarney, Co. Kerry. I saw a scene from a mountain top looking across a valley. I was struck by the way colours differentiated fields and areas of crops, trees, mountain scrub, heather and so on. In this painting, the colours are used to both abstract and define features. The fields are different colours possible representing different crops, or the same crop at various stages of development. In the yellow field in the foreground, ploughed drills can be seen with a river along side. The lines around some of the coloured fields represent boundaries. This is also achieved by a simple change in colours. The black road forks just outside a house that contains an organic shape. The sea can be seen behind the hill and beyond that a red sky

The Passage - 1m x 1m on Canvas

This painting support is handmade from course stretched linen. The texture of the linen can be seen through the paint. The subject matter is abstract. A passage can be a corridor, a trip or a progression. Basically there is a starting position and a finishing position. A journey can take a number of possible paths, which can begin, more or less from the same place. The paths can be, often along a winding road that terminates at or close to the goal. The experiences, colours and textures of the chosen path can change to something we prefer or something we like less. There are always intersections, distractions, changes of direction and goals and external influences that result in taking another path.

Phoenix Trees - 0.35m x 0.25m on Paper

These stylised trees have a dreamy quality about them. The simple lines, textures and graceful shapes give it an Art Deco look like something out of a 1920s fantasy illustration. When I painted it, it was one of those days where the idea just came out of nowhere. I started it and it just grew until I was happy with the outcome. It is painted in acrylic on primed paper.

Mama Sam, Papa San and Baby Suzuki - 0.35m x 0.25m on Paper

This is a further exploration of the idea of a tree. This is abstracted until most of the detail of a tree has been removed. All that is left is the basic hint of tree trunk and the branches and leaves. Using black for the foliage and primary colours for the trunks is a further abstraction from the real world. The name came to me after it was completed. There was something reminiscent of Japanese art and I thought, "Hey, that could be a Japanese family". It is painted in acrylic on primed paper.

The Intentional Cut - 0.35m x 0.25m on Paper

The Shed - 0.5m x 0.4m on Paper

Backgammon Deck Chair - 0.5m x 0.4m on Paper

Tamborina #1 - 0.5m x 0.3m on Paper

Man and Woman - 0.6m x 0.4m on Paper

Broken Understanding - 0.7m x 0.5m on Paper

Composition 60 - 0.5m x 0.4m on Paper

It's a Nice Day - 0.5m x 0.4m on Paper

Landscape 15 - 0.35m x 0.25m on Paper

The Place Down @ Rosslare Strand - 0.35m x 0.25m on Paper

Profile - 0.4m x 0.4m on Paper

Girl with Silver hair - 0.4m x 0.3m on Paper

Sinead says GO - 0.45m x 0.35m on Paper

Composition 56 - 0.35m x 0.25m on Paper

Composition 37 - 0.35m x 0.25m on Paper

The Restaurant @ the Art Gallery - 0.35m x 0.25m on Paper

My Dog 'Rocket' - 0.4m x 0.3m on Paper

The Penitent Man's Meal - 0.4m x 0.3m on Paper

Rinca - 0.4m x 0.3m on Paper

A Day at the Races - 0.4m x 0.3m on Paper

A Crane's View - 0.34 x 0.3m on Paper

Landscape 40 - 0.35m x 0.25m on Paper

The Measure of Man - 0.5m x 0.4m on Paper

Jabberwhat - 0.5m x 0.4m on Paper

Powerscourt Woods - 1m x 0.6m on Canvas

We used to go Powerscourt Gardens, in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow, Ireland on a regular basis when my Children were younger. Just past the gardens and house, there is a train that goes down by the river Dargle.
On the way down, there are many trees. One day, were driving back from their paast the trees and the light was flickering through the branches. There were plenty of trees and shrubs blooming at the time and the light flickering combined with the colours of the blooms, produced the most magnificant vision of light and colour.
The painting reflects some of the colour and light images I saw that day.

Falling Angel - 0.35m x 0.25m on Paper

This started out more like an exercise. The blue background with the silver streaaks were more like a landscape sky.
After doing the sky, I rotated it and it suggested virtical movement as if something is falling.
The whole idea of falling, as in falling from favour or falling from grace is interesting, as it suggests a physical component as well as a social or emotional component.
The angel represents us, certainly as a child, having comitted some transgression, resulting in the fall....

Frankfurt am Main - 0.4m x 0.3m on Paper

I was working in Frankfort, Germany a few years ago. One of the hotels I was staying in was in Dahmstat.
It was about 10 storys high. One of the rooms I was in had a great view of a highrise landscape.
One summer evening, the view was spectacular. The light, haze and shadows inspired this painting.